Frequently asked questions

What do I need to start my radio station?

Micast deliver a turnkey solution for you to start internet broadcasting. Three packages to suit all budgets and needs for a first time broadcaster or experienced professional. Everything you need to start with the best support. We also offer a full consultancy service from start to finish, with comprehensive aftercare when needed.

How quick can I start playing music?

Everything you need is included. We offer comprehensive packages for start up, semi-professional and experienced broadcasters; offering advice on promotion and broadcasting from the moment you make contact. You can start immediately, choose your package, make payment and we will have you up and running within a few hours from contact (during our office hours).

Is Micast talk radio ready?

Yes. We will give you all the support and advice you need to get started. You can start running a talk radio broadcast immediately. Choose and buy the package you want and we will have you up and running within a few hours (during our office hours) or next day if contacted out of hours.

Can I get advertisers and earn money?

Yes. We will talk you through how you can do this and give you the tools needed; jingles, best practice, credibility and building confidence with your audience and sponsorship partner. The advertising opportunities and ways of monetising your business is endless. We understand and offer advice on how this can work.

What tools will I get to see how we are doing?

You will get a comprehensive control panel.

Each package includes a panel you login to where you will see the numbers… how many listeners and when, plus full access to a player that works automatically when you or your broadcast team are not online.

Total transparency and full end user engagement.

See what's happening the Micast way.

What software do I need to broadcast?

You can stream live from a laptop using just our software and music files.

We will advise and help you to pick the best option that suits you.

Micast offer support and advice from the start.

We can have you up, running and broadcasting within an hour with an entry level laptop.

We reccomend broadcast software such as BUTT and Virtual Dj which you will need to go live.

We will send all the information and downloads you need to get started.

Choose and purchase your package and we will deliver the platform.

What happens when we are off air?

With AutoCast you can set up your own music to stream while offline, including times, advertising, programming updates, podcasts and anything you want to run automatically.

Upload mp3s, design a playlist, set the timing of when to run or when to kick in and boom off it goes. Fully automated with content designed by you.

Your only limit is the package you opt for.

Can people listen to my station anywhere?

We offer turnkey solution delivering every possible way of listening via the internet including an app so your listeners can click and listen via all devices on all platforms.

Depending on which package you go for or choose to upgrade to in the future.

We offer an add on which allows Amazon Alexa users to simply ask to play your station and it will. We do the set up.

Can Micast replace my existing platform provider?


We replace any competitors platform.

We offer and simple and reliable service.

Our plan is to exceed your current service levels and exceed your requirements.

The Micast way.

How many broadcasters can I have?

As many as you want based on the package you choose.

You set their access levels and simply add them using your simple to control panel.

Give them their login details and they are ready. A task that takes less than 5 minutes with Micast.

Your broadcast team sinply disconnect and connect their show time and broadcast.

Or you can upload their show to your AutoCast system and play at a set time programmed in by you.

Can I see how many listeners I have?


Use your own personalised control panel to see all information and reports you may you need.

When can I start broadcasting?


Choose the package that suits you and start today.

The Micast team are ready to help.

How do I Cancel?

Simply send an E-Mail to and we will process the cancelation.