Is Facebook stopping your live DJ sets? Time to look at other options...

During the lockdown, people became increasingly used to listening to online music. With DJ's looking for new and innovative ways of being heard we have seen the number of Facebook live perfomance steadly increase. Sadly, due to copywrite infringements, Facebook is busy shutting down live DJ streams faster than they begin.

In fact, one reason moved onto the Micast platform was the frustration of Facebook copywrite infrigement notifications. Mike from SDRadio... "we were advertising a two hour show to our listeners, but Facebook would regularly stop the stream. We would get big listener numbers for a show and then the stream would cut off. It was a nightmare as we had to invite everyone back to a new live stream. Most people never bothered to reconnect". The owners quickly moved to buy the appropricate music licences and set about their internet broadcasting journey.

Mike continues, "since starting our own radio station we have grown listener numbers, managed to secure over twenty regular DJ's, held very successful fundraising events and even started to aquire advertising opportunities. The service is very reliable and our listeners are delighted with the improvements we have made".

If you are frustrated with Facebook live or are looking for a reliable internet broadcasting platform, we'd love to hear from you.

Find out more about Micast here and when you are ready to start we'll help you every step of the way.

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